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9/11 Museum Guided Tour | Highlights, Tips, FAQs, & More


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Why Take a Guided Tour?

911 museum guided tours

Guided Tours vs Non-Guided Tours

9/11 Museum guided tour

Guided Tours

  • Learn History: Making sure you don’t miss any significant aspect of the tour, the guides on the tour will take you through the intimate history of the site. 
  • Fixed Schedule: With a fixed schedule, the right things will be kept ready at the right time so that you don’t lose time standing in lines and planning the visit. 
  • Priority Access: Priority access to venues and commute options ensure a seamless experience.
  • Visit in a Group: An opportunity to meet like-minded people as part of the group you’re in.
9/11 Museum guided tour

Non-Guided Tours

  • Convenience: Explore the site at your own pace and convenience, with access to the museum and memorial site.
  • Self-Guided Tours: Audio guides will help you find your way in the museum and are downloadable on your phone. 
  • Waiting Lines: With a line to wait for more than 20 minutes during peak times, non-guided tours may take longer. 

What to Expect on a 9/11 Museum Guided Tour?

The 9/11 Museum guided tour is an essential element of your visit to the popular Manhattan locality. This phenomenally busy area was witness to one of humanity’s most horrendous terror attacks which took the lives of thousands of people. Visit the pools where the twin towers once stood, while you hear stories from survivors, family members of the victims, and other locals. These magnificent pools have the names of every victim etched in the bronze panels that border them, making them an indelible memoir of what unfolded that day. 

Do not miss the famed Survivor Tree that stood undeterred by the incident, making it a symbol of hope for one and all. In the museum, soak in the Historical Exhibition which shows the events that led to 9/11 and what happened later. With over 11000 artifacts from the site of the disaster preserved in the museum, each one speaks its own story for you. 

Highlights Covered on a 9/11 Guided Tour

9/11 museum guided tour

Statue of Liberty

Most iconic in its presence, the Statue of Liberty is a major attraction of the guided tour. Get ferried from the Wall Street visit to Liberty Island on priority and treat yourself to the scintillating landscapes of the Manhattan area. 

9/11 museum guided tour

The Last Column

With over 70000 relics from the crash site, the most iconic structure in the 9/11 Museum has to be the Last Column which belonged to the South Tower of the Twin Towers. It stands worn out, resting in the museum, exuding the scars that it got from the incident. 

9/11 Museum guided tour

The Survivor Tree

Among the many survivors, the most popular one was a pear tree that was found under the rubble, with just one branch alive. It was planted back into the soil and to everyone’s surprise, it did spring back to life by the next spring. Its existence is a strong message of resilience. 

9/11 museum guided tours

Memorial Pools

The exact sites of the twin towers today, mark the presence of two pools. They have around them white oak trees, each one different in size and carrying a story. Bronze panels around the edge of the pools have the names of all the victims engraved, offering visitors to pay homage to them forever. 

9/11 museum guided tour

NY Fire Department’s Ladder 3 Truck

The first truck to enter the site upon the news of the fire was truck 3. It still remains in half its size and shape, as an element of sacrifice and inspiration to many of the firefighters even today. 

Visitor Tips

  • Ensure to book tickets online, to save the time of standing in long lines. Booking guided tour tickets will give you priority access along with an expert guide. 
  • Carry small tribute items like a flower to place on the bronze name panels. 
  • Large items and bags are not allowed inside the museum, ensure to not carry them or lock them in lockers on Liberty Island.
  • The museum has a lot of important attractions. Make the best use of the time to see all the essential ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About 9/11 Museum Guided Tours

Can I book a 9/11 Museum guided tour?

Yes, you can easily book a 9/11 Museum guided tour online.

How can I book a 9/11 Museum guided tour?

You can book your 9/11 Museum guided tour tickets in advance, and choose a time slot convenient for yourself online.

How much does a 9/11 Museum guided tour cost?

The price for the 9/11 Museum guided tour begins from $59.

What is included in 9/11 Museum guided tours?

Entry to the 9/11 Memorial, guides to assist from Wall Street to Statue of Liberty to the Museum, skip the line tickets, and priority access to ferries’ are all included in the 9/11 Museum guided tour tickets.

In what languages are the 9/11 Museum guided tours?

The 9/11 Memorial guided tours are available in English and hand-held audio guides in 9 languages.

Is a 9/11 Museum guided tour worth it?

Yes, the 9/11 Museum tour is truly an emotional experience and a symbol of the resilience of the people who suffered the incident. Learning about the incident, and other attractions like the visit to Ellis Island, Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty, are all stunning and make your experience truly magical.

Do the 9/11 Museum guided tours include skip-the-line access?

Yes, the 9/11 Museum guided tours include skip-the-line access.

Can I cancel a booked 9/11 Museum guided tour?

Yes, you can cancel a booked 9/11 Museum guided tour up to 24 hrs prior to the scheduled time.

How long is the 9/11 Museum guided tour?

A guided tour of the 9/11 Museum can take up to 5 hours.

Are there discounted tickets for 9/11 Museum guided tours?

Discounted tickets for children between the age of 4-12 years are available. Children below the age of 3 can enter for free.